Celebrating the life of a loved one

Setting up a Lasting Tribute Fund in memory of your loved one is a simple way of remembering a special person, helping to raise awareness and to fight liver disease in their memory.

A Lasting Tribute Fund is easy to set up, and a lovely way to create a lasting legacy. The link for your Fund can be shared easily with family and friends. Donations can be added at any time, from sponsored events, or perhaps on special dates or anniversaries.

All donations made in memory through your Lasting Tribute Fund will help to fund our patient and family support services, including our helpline, publications and guides and our support groups. Our work is only possible thanks to donations and gifts.

To set up your Lasting Tribute Fund, click the button on the right to get started, or if you need a helping hand, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you set up a Tribute page to honour your loved one.

Kerrie-Jane Hodgson decided to set up a Lasting Tribute Fund in memory of her beloved boyfriend, Nigel Cryer.

If you are reading this, you may have recently lost someone you love or are coming to terms with finding out a loved one has a liver condition. Firstly, I want to say how sincerely sorry I am. My boyfriend and best friend, Nigel passed away in September 2016 after an extremely short illness.  I miss him terribly every single day and I wanted to do something positive to honour his memory and to help me come to terms with my very sad loss. 

The British Liver Trust is still a small charity that provides invaluable information, help and support to both those living with liver disease, their families and friends. I had called upon their resources when I was coming to terms with Nige’s early diagnosis and I wanted to equally raise awareness of liver conditions and monies for the charity in Nige’s name.

Creating a tribute fund is like creating a lasting legacy for him – it has brought our friends and family together to share memories and to fundraise. Every Day Hero gives everyone who has suffered an immense loss the opportunity to make a difference.  Your loved one will never be forgotten, and the fund is a fantastic way to let their memory shine. It is incredibly uplifting to know that out of something so devastating, some good can be come.  I hope that you will consider setting up a page too.


Lasting Tribute Funds

01 Apr 2016 - 30 Apr 2025

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